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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Giver Three Reasons

      I believe that The Giver book, by Lois Lowry is much better than the movie. I think this because, the movie shows how much the community is restricted way to much while in the book it describes it the perfect amount, the movie adds another conflict between Asher and Jonas, and the movie doesn't include a lot of the details that the book has.
    I think that The Giver book, is way better that the movie because of how the movie overly describes how much the community is restricted, while the doesn't doesn't. In the movie they say that they have no idea what dreams are. While in the book, dream telling was part of their daily routine. Also in the movie they say that no one can touch anyone outside of their family unit, while in the book they never mentioned anything like that. It wasn't the best thing to over exaggerate the rules.
    I also think that the book is better than the movie because in the movie they added a new conflict between Asher and Jonas. This didn't really help the story line because it added a non-needed conflict. I think that the conflict between Jonas and the community was enough. Since they added this conflict into the movie it made it so there was more problems Jonas faced in the movie. I thought that he had enough going on in the book.
    The last reason I had for liking the book much better than the movie, is that the movie doesn't include all of the details that were in the book. In the book, the author, Lois Lowry, described a lot about a regular community life, while in the movie, they compacted all of the information about a regular life there into the first 20 minutes of movie, so the movie wasn't too long. This really limited the amount of information that they give you about a regular life there, it also makes you much more confused when you get later into the movie, because you have no idea what is really going on. One other example is that in the book, they thoroughly described how he made it to else ware, but in the book, they just showed us that he got on a bike and rode. My last example is that in the movie they barely tell you about his rules. In the movie he only has like one or two rules. But in the book he has seven and eight rules, and they elaborate on the rules more as well.
     I think that the book The Giver, is better than than The Giver movie. I am convinced of this because, the movie overly shows how restricting the community is, while the book shows just the right amount, they add a non needed conflict between Asher and Jonas, which adds a twist to the movie that is definitely not needed, and how the movie doesn't describe the story line as well as the book does. This is why I think that The Giver book, is much better than The Giver movie.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

I cant do that

The Landscape of Memory
1. The Landscape of Memory tells us about all the people with all of the amazing memory's.
1. I think that it is crazy on how people could/can remember 20,000 names or could/can remember hours worth of songs.
1. I agree with the author, he said that knowing to much makes you as ill as if you know nothing. This is true because if you know too much you wont be able to process regular things.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

He looks lonely

The Pedestrian
1.In the pedestrian, a lonely man walks around a town in a dystopian future where nobody ever leaves their house.
1.I thought that it sucked that the future in this is like that.It would suck if that did happen.
1. I don't think that the future would be like that just for the reason of that some people like to exercise.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The Giver
1.In this chapter of the giver Jonas and Gabriel finally get to else ware and they go down a sled from his very first memory. Then he makes it to the cabin.
1.I like that Jonas and Gabriel had a good ending to their story, I am glad that they didn't die.
1.I do not think that the should have book ended with that. I think they needed to describe things more.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Journey

The Giver 
1. Today in the giver, Jonas and Gabriel are starting their journey to else ware.
1.I thought that it was not good on how Jonas didn't leave completely prepared.
1. I think that this could be a fatal error because it might lead to not being able to eat, and starving to death.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plan

The Giver
1.In the chapter I read today the giver and Jonas come up with a plan to get out of the community's, and those surrounding it.
1. I thought it was awesome how the giver finally realized that the community is messed up.
1.I believe that the giver should've thought of this plan a long time ago, because then this community would be finally gone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Release... Sucks

The Giver
1. In the chapter I read today, we were finally showed what release really is.
1.I thought that it sucked that they killed everyone. I thought in this world they live forever because pf the way that they talk about release, but I guess not.
1.I don't think the author should've added that part in the book. It would've been intresting to see what happend if it wasn't flat out, they die.